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The Embassy directed and produced this fun-filled Mentos spot for Huge Atlanta. Shooting on location in Vancouver, our creative team led from pre-production right through to animation and post-production.

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Love is in the air, as is the great taste of Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in “Planet PureFresh,” an engaging new commercial from the visual effects, design and production studio The Embassy and the Atlanta office of the digital agency Huge.

Running online in both the US and Canada (and already viewed almost 9 million times on YouTube), “Planet Pure Fresh” revolves around a teenage guy and girl, both enjoying Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Fresh Mint Gum. The guy opens his Mentos bottle to reveal an all-CG animated environment inside, where a snow-capped mountain beside a lake is full of adorable Yetis. The characters groove to the spot's soundtrack (one even holds a Mentos bottle aloft while dabbing), before the action reverts to the live action teens, who bump into each other and smile. The voice-over sums it up: “Taste a world of freshness that brings people together!”

The Embassy handled both live action and post on this Mentos spot.

The Embassy handled all aspects of the spot, from live action production and post to character design and CG animation. “TheYetis were created especially for this project,” notes Winston Helgason, President of The Embassy. “They’re fuelled by the intense freshness of Mentos and are in a constant state of play,” he explains. “And since we don’t have a lot of time for viewers to register their world, we relied on some of the recognised design cues of the ‘cute Yeti,’ such as blue faces, scruffy fur and adorable body proportions.”

David Casey, The Embassy’s Head of Production, points out that while the Yeti characters were rendered in 3D animation, “they have this fun, playful cel-shaded look, like iPhone or Facebook message stickers. So, while they’re helping tell the story, they’re also quirky, viral and shareable – like Mentos. And to make the spot even more memorable, we borrowed some techniques from traditional 2D cartoon animation when creating their movement. When you put this all together,we think it makes for a spot that really resonates with audiences.”

Sylvia Buxton, Marketing VP for Perfetti Van Melle, the company that makes Mentos Gum, says, “We were happy to partner with Huge and The Embassy to create this engaging new campaign for Mentos Pure Fresh Gum. The key insight is that Mentos gum gives consumers with a little help to connect, and the creation of the imaginary Planet PureFresh world inside our iconic Mentos Gum bottle helps to bring our refreshing gum chewing experience to life in a quirky and memorable way.

“After all, even Yetis appreciate fresh connections,” Buxton continued, “And, who says no to Mentos Gum?”

The Embassy partnered with Vancouver’s Brüdder Productions on the live action portion of the project.


Client: Perfetti Van Melle
Agency: Huge
Art Director: Robbie Cobb
Associate Creative Director: Martha Dixon
Executive Producer: Chris Detoy
Engagement Manager: Allison Chait

Production & Visual Effects: The Embassy
Executive Producer: Winston Helgason
Head of Commercial Production: David Casey
VFX Producer: Danielle Kinsey
VFX Production Manager: Annie-Claude Lapierre

VFX Supervisor: Michael Blackbourn
Asset Supervisor: Paul Copeland

CG Artists: Adam Harder, Gueschem Degni, Karinga Wells, Kenneth Polonski, Yask Polke

Compositor: Lee Pierce
Concept Artist: Tyler Gibb

Editorial: Cycle Media
Editor: Rob Doucet
Color: Deluxe Vancouver
Colorist: Claudio Sepulveda

Production Services: Brüdder